Science-related projects

In a multi-year plan, SES donates bandwidth to the International Polar Foundation, enabling the Foundation’s Princess Elisabeth research station in Antarctica to communicate via satellite. This unique facility is the first “zero emission” polar research station, and is the only polar research facility that was conceived and built to operate entirely on renewable energies.

Sustainable communications

The International Polar Foundation (IPF) communicates and educates on polar science and polar research as a way to understand key environmental and climate mechanisms. The "Princess Elizabeth" station is designed as a "zero emissions" facility. To accomplish such a mission requires the use of technologies and of services that are sustainable, yet functional in the challenging natural habitat of Antarctica. IPF is therefore making use of the ‘greenest’ communications infrastructure: satellite. SES WORLD SKIES supports the IPF’s challenging mission by donating satellite transmission capacity. This enables the station to communicate with the outside world.

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International Polar Foundation - Princess Elizabeth station